10 Lead Magnet Templates To Help Grow Your Online Business

10 Lead Magnet Templates To Help Grow Your Online Business
If you’re the owner of a small business, you already know how hard it is to attract new customers. That’s where lead magnets come in. Lead magnets are an excellent tool for growing your mailing list, and hopefully (eventually) converting audience members into buyers. But for this strategy to work, your content offering—whether it’s an ebook, a checklist, a workbook, or anything else—must be high-quality and of value to your audience. The only problem: It takes time to create good lead magnets. Few small business owners have the time or the know-how to create and design attractive content offerings, which is why templates are particularly helpful. Lead magnet templates guide you through content creation more quickly because the “bones” of an offering are already in place. You simply customize the template to your needs. Using lead magnet templates, you can generate more quality lead magnets in less time, which will help your business grow faster. If you’re looking for some templates to try out, take a look at the companies listed below. All have worthy offerings for a variety of content types.

10 Sources For Quality Lead Magnet Templates

1. Visme

Visme lead magnet templates The Visme platform was created to help non-designers present information in an attractive visual manner. It’s used by all kinds of businesses to create a wide variety of material, from data visualizations and reports to ebooks and even trailer videos—and it offers templates for nearly everything. Take a look at its ebook templates, white paper templates, and lead magnet templates, the last of which is chock full of resources for creating checklists, workbooks, and more.


2. Bluewire Media

Bluewire Media lead magnet templates Depending on your offering type, you might find an appropriate (and free) template from Bluewire Media. It offers a weekly content planner template and a web strategy planning template, among other things. The only caveat is that you must give attribution to Bluewire Media in your final product (see specific instructions on the site).


3. Slidebean

Slidebean lead magnet templates Thinking about hosting a webinar? That’s a great idea, considering that 76% of marketers say webinars help them reach more leads. Slidebean offers a free webinar template that can help make the task of creating one more manageable. Its site also has lots of other tips for designing compelling webinar presentation slides.


4. Fresh Scribes

Fresh Scribes lead magnet templates Thinking your audience would appreciate a planner, workbook, or other printable? Take a look at Fresh Scribes’ Canva template kits and bundles. The templates are easy to use, and don’t require you to have the paid version of Canva. The end product will be an attractive PDF you can offer to your audience. Instructions are included with your purchase, as are lots of goodie “bonus” materials with each download to help you craft compelling content and market your business.


5. Women’s Entrepreneurial Network

Women’s Entrepreneurial Network lead magnet templates The Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) was created specifically to support women on their entrepreneurial journey. So it only makes sense that they would offer a toolkit filled with Canva templates for everything from infographics and checklists to worksheets, questionnaires, planners, and more. WEN also offers other lead magnet bundles, including one for workbooks, Facebook posts, Pinterest, and more.


6. Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar lead magnet templates Like the other companies above, Social Media Calendar offers a variety of template types and bundles that are perfect for creating lead magnets. On their site you’ll find Canva templates for workbooks, ebooks, and newsletters, as well as plenty of social media templates you can use to promote them (and your business).


7. Interact

Interact lead magnet templates Interactive quizzes can be useful lead magnets; not only are they engaging for respondents but they’re also a useful way for you to get to know your audience better. Interact’s hundreds of customizable quiz templates make it easy to create attractive quizzes in a short amount of time. Interact also offers analytics to help you organize and understand the responses.


8. Venngage

Venngage lead magnet templates Venngage is a design platform that gets high marks from users for its simplicity and wide selection of templates, particularly for the creation of infographics. But Venngage also has templates for white papers, newsletters, ebooks, and other content types. Some templates are available for free; others require a paid subscription plan to access.


9. Adobe

Adobe lead magnet templates If you’re technically-inclined, you might be interested in trying Adobe ebook templates for use with InDesign, its desktop publishing software application. The templates themselves are free, but you’ll have to purchase a subscription to InDesign. (If you have any design training, it isn’t overly difficult to learn.) Created by artists, the templates are attractive and plentiful.


10. ConversionMinded

ConversionMinded lead magnet templates ConversionMinded’s Lead Magnet Marketing Bundle is chock-full of helpful materials. It includes ready-to-use Canva ebook templates, lead magnet covers, promo graphics, social media templates, and landing page (for WordPress) templates. It also includes a templated email sequence to make crafting those follow-up emails a snap. Templates come in seven different design styles (“street chic” or “serenity,” for example).
There’s no shortage of lead magnet templates available, most of which are beautifully designed, easy to use, and incredibly customizable—there’s simply no reason not to take advantage of them! Templates also allow you to focus your energy in the right place—on conveying valuable information rather than on design or presentation. That means more successful lead magnets overall, and more time for you to do the activities that help your business grow. Create-A-Workbook Template Kit - Fresh Scribes - CTA
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