Save Hours Creating Lead Magnets & Printables for Your Shop.

Lead magnets and planner printables for your shop just got a lot easier to make!

The Create-A-Planner Template Kit gives you over 80 planner page templates to help you create products and lead magnets lightning fast!

Creating products and lead magnets can be a huge block for growing your online business.

I've been there! Trying to create a printable or lead magnet from scratch can feel like a mountain to climb, especially when you have to do "all the things" in your online business.

The truth is, printables can be an amazing tool to grow your audience and/or shop income! But I do know that the struggle to create them is real!

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  1. You need products to sell and lead magnets to grow your list, but you don't have the creative eye, or graphic design skills to create them.
  2. Between creating content and balancing a family life, you don't have the time to create printables from scratch (although you'd love to offer them to your audience!).
  3. Hiring a graphic designer would be amazing, but you don't have the budget to pay hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars to hire someone to create products for you.

I hear you and have been there!

You don't have to sacrifice time or money to offer beautiful printable planners to your audience!

The Create-A-Planner Template Kit comes with Done-for-You Canva Planner Templates to help you increase your income and grow your email list by making creating planner printables quick and easy.

Here's what you'll get:

  1. Over 85 Canva Planner Template Pages so you can easily edit and mix and match pages to create unique planners for your brand!
  2. Over 10 Planner Cover Designs which gives you the ability to add a beautiful cover with design experience.
  3. Extended Commercial Rights so you can edit, brand and sell your printable planner and start making money TODAY.
  4. Quick Canva video training so you can feel confident editing your templates.

What if creating printable planners was quick and easy?

Now it can be! No more starting your printable planner creation with a blank screen. The templates can be edited and altered to fit whatever type of planner your audience wants!

With the Create-A-Planner Template Kit, you'll enjoy:

1) Endless professional planner design options with a few simple edits (using the FREE version of Canva) that you can sell in your shop or use to grow your email list.

2) More time to focus on the things you enjoy in your business (and life!).

3) Printable products that will help your audience (and make YOU look good!).

4) Confidence in your ability to quickly create new products or lead magnets.

See How Create-A-Planner Template Kit Can Make Your Planners Sparkle

Let's take a closer look at what's included & how The Create-A-Planner Template Kit is going to help you create printable planners quickly:


The kit includes a mix of general templates and templates designed for things like meal planning, blog posting, income tracking and more! Choose from over 80 templates that are ready to edit or use as-is.

Planner templates editable in Canva:

  1. Change colors, fonts, layouts, etc
  2. Edit using free version of Canva
  3. 13 planner cover designs included


Make money selling your printable planners in your Etsy shop or on your website.

Extended Commercial Rights:

  1. Sell the planners you create with the templates
  2. Create products quicker and increase your revenue
  3. No need to spend money on a designer

Get the Create-A-Planner Template
Kit now so you can create printables
fast and easily.

Get INSTANT Access to the Create-A-Planner Template Kit now!

Wanna see inside the Create-A-Planner Template Kit?

Check out why you'll love the Create-A-Planner Template Kit in the video below!

Save HOURS of time creating your own planner printables with theses ready-to-use Canva templates. No design skills required!

  1. Finally stop stressing out about creating printables, and instead, give yourself a head start with ready-to-go templates. You can always give them your own design spin to make them unique!
  2. Get EXCITED about your online business rather than feel overwhelmed, now that you can have a toolkit designed to save you time and energy. (Can we say AMEN to that, fellow entrepreneur!)
  3. Focus on the things you love to do! Not everyone loves creating products from scratch. With this template kit, you can be creating printables quicker and easier so you can move on to other things. (Again, AMEN!)

What are you waiting for?! This template kit is waiting for you to dive in and get going!

And, you could be making money from your printable planners today!

Of Course, there are BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase the Create-A-Planner Template Kit, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

BONUS #1: FOUR Complete Printable Planners

I have FOUR planners already put together, using the templates, that you can use as-is (or edit them in Canva as you like!) to sell or giveaway.

The work is done for you in this bonus!
Here's what's included:

  1. A Social Media Planner - 24 unique pages
  2. A Small Business Planner - 37 unique pages
  3. Blog Planner - 20 unique pages
  4. 90-Day Planner - 11 unique pages


New to Canva? Don't fear! I got you covered with a quickstart Canva training.

With Canva you can (& I'll show you how!):

  1. Edit the colors and fonts of the templates
  2. Change the layout and design of the templates
  3. Add your logo and branding
  4. Easily create pdf files of your finished planners

You must have a Canva account to use the templates, but it can be the free version!

Total Value: $216

Today's price: $47

Get INSTANT Access to the Create-A-Planner Template Kit now!

I get how hard it is to create printables when you're not a designer!

Hi, I'm Susan, and my goal is to help online business owners be successful faster with tools that that save time and energy.

I have been a blogger and online business owner for over 10 years. I know firsthand the mental blocks that can develop when we have to do things that feel overwhelming. Creating products, writing content, design...these things can stop us from achieving our dreams if we let them.

I have stared at a blank screen trying to figure out how to create a beautiful printable from scratch. It's SO hard to do things from scratch when you're not sure where to start.

But once I started creating templates and planners, I fell in love with the process. Now, I am so honored to create them for YOU so you can cross this item off your "to-do" list and move forward growing your dream business.

Let's make creating printables in your business EASY!

Let's take a closer look at the Create-A-Planner Template Kit

With this template kit, you'll be creating printable planners in no time!

Here's what you'll love about this template kit:

  1. Over 80 Canva planner page templates organized into categories so you can easily create planners with your own unique style.
  2. Extended Commercial Rights which allow you to sell the planners you create with these templates. You can be making money with them TODAY.
  3. BONUS 1: Four complete printable planners ready for you to sell or give away without any work.
  4. BONUS 2: Canva quickstart video training in case you've never used Canva before!

You'll love everything you can create with the Create-A-Planner Template Kit


    Printable planners are HOT items! You can use them as lead magnets, giveaways, bonuses - the sky is the limit!


    Have a training program or online course? Create a workbook quickly that will help your students!


    Create an entire collection or library of printable planner insert products for your store or Etsy shop!


    Want to sell physical planners? Use these templates to design your pages!

Who is the Create-A-Planner
Template Kit for?

You'll LOVE this if:

  1. You are a blogger and need a library of lead magnets to grow your list
  2. You are a coach or consultant and use printable planners as giveaways or products
  3. You have an online course or program and want to add a planner or workbook as a bonus
  4. You have a shop on your website and sell printables
  5. You sell printables on EtsyYou are not a designer but still want to create pretty planners.

This isn't for you if:

  1. You are looking for templates to sell with resell rights (not a finished printable planner or workbook)
  2. You prefer creating products from scratch
  3. You aren't willing to sign up for a free or paid Canva account

Wait, I have questions!

I need these! How fast will I get access to them after purchase?

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to your templates.

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to access to your templates and bonuses.

You will have access to your templates forever!

What size are the templates?

All of the templates are sized at 8.5"x11" (US Lettter), but can easily be changed in Canva to A5, A4, half-letter or a custom size.

How easy are these templates to use?

Very easy! Canva is very easy to use! If you have experience with Canva, these templates will be a snap for you to edit.

If you are new to Canva, don't fear! I'm including a video quickstart guide as one of your bonuses so you can feel confident editing your templates.

Once you are ready, you can download your complete planners as PDF's.

Can I customize the colors and fonts?

Definitely! You have complete flexibility to edit these templates however you like. As you can see, I like pink. But you may not. You can easily change the colors to fit your brand or style.

Swap out the colors, use different fonts, move the boxes or lines around, add your logo.

The sky's the limit!

Do I need to pay for Canva to use these templates?

You do need a Canva account, but you can use the FREE version in order to use these templates.

The fonts and images I used in the templates are free inside Canva.

If you decide you want to use premium fonts or images you can always do that too.

The paid version of Canva is around $12.95/month and comes with lots of free images/elements.

What rights do I have with these templates?

You can use these templates to create planners, workbooks or your own templates that are sold as PDF's.

What can I NOT do with these templates?

You can't sell or give away the link to the Canva templates. That link is only for people who purchase this offer. You can only sell or giveaway finished, flat PDF's.

Will anything be shipped to me?

No, this is a digital product, so you'll get immediate access to it. Nothing will be shipped.

Is there a refund policy in case I don't like the templates?

What's not to like! But seriously, I do not offer refunds on these templates because they are digital and ready for immediate use after purchase.

I recommended watching the video above on this page to get a closer look at the templates and see if they are a good fit for you before purchasing.

If for any reason, you have trouble using Canva, or have issues using the templates, please reach out to me and I'll do my best to help!

You Can Create Beautiful Printables Without the Headache!

Friend, I know what it's like to struggle creating products for your business. Spending thousands on fancy design work just isn't in your budget, but you KNOW you need to put your best foot forward and make your printables shine!

Now you can do just that (without spending DAYS trying to create products from scratch!) with the Create-A-Planner Template Kit.

I'm so excited to bring this template kit to you, and I can't wait to see how you use it to grow your business!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Create-A-Planner Template Kit!

  1. Over 80 Canva Planner Page Templates - $47 value
  2. 13 Canva Planner Cover Templates - $17 Value
  3. Extended Commercial Rights to sell what you create - $27 Value
  4. BONUS #1: Four Complete Planners ready to use - $88 value
  5. BONUS #2: Canva Quickstart Video Training - $37 Value

Total value: $216

Today's price: $47